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    Edwards AFB, CA Local Information

    Rosamond is the closest community to Edwards AFB, and Lancaster is the closest major city.

    Rosamond has about 18,000 people and is in Kern County, California. Lancaster has about 160,000 people and is on the far northern edge of Los Angeles County. South of Lancaster is the city of Palmdale, with a population of 153,000. Other nearby small communities include Mojave (a town), California City, Boron, and North Edwards.

    It is about 32 miles from downtown Lancaster to Edwards; this takes about 40 minutes to commute. From Rosamond to Edwards is about 17 miles and 22 minutes to drive. From Mojave to Edwards is about 24 miles and 30 minutes, and from California City about 19 miles and 28 minutes. All of these communities are spread out over fairly large areas, and travel times can vary significantly. The average commute time in California is about 30 minutes.

    Mojave, California City, Boron, and North Edwards are all fairly small nearby communities, generally bedroom communities. North Edwards and Boron in particular are bedroom towns for Edwards AFB.

    Local Housing Rental Prices: The average apartment rent in the Lancaster area is about $930 per month.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices: The average price for a house in Lancaster is about $193,000, compared to $421,000 for California. In Rosamond the average house price is about $175,000.

    Short Description of the Area: Lancaster is the largest Californian city in the Mojave Desert. It is a fairly medium sized city for California, about one hour north of Los Angeles. The area is desert and generally flat, but near the San Gabriel Mountains.

    Climate and Weather: The Edwards area has a moderate desert climate, with winter temperatures in the high 50s to low 30s and summer temperatures in the mid-90s to mid-60s. The area generally has relatively little rainfall, but has up to 2 inches of rain a month in winter, and, rarely, snow. Summers are hot, dry, and clear, winters cool and clear. Strange weather can show up: in 1979, the area had nearly two feet (yes, feet) of snow in one snow drop.

    Transportation: The Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) covers northern Los Angeles county with bus service, including Lancaster and Palmdale. LA County also has Metrolink, a light rail services from Lancaster to Palmdale to the city of Los Angeles.

    Earthquakes: People new to Edwards/Lancaster/Antelope Valley should be aware that the area is near the San Andreas Fault, and earthquakes are a fact of life. Prepare with emergency supplies, strap your heavy furniture and appliances, and know where to be during an earthquake (in a doorframe or under a table or desk). Most earthquakes are minor and not life threatening, but be prepared.

    Local Trivia

    Antelope Valley is conveniently located near Hollywood, and many desert scenes have been filmed here. Most of the Terminator 2 desert scenes were shot here; the Kill Bill chapel was a local church; and The Terminal was partly shot on a set built on a local airfield.

    Solar Power is abundant in the area, and much of the local electricity is solar generated; you may notice solar panels around town.